360 photo in Okinawa, Japan

17. February 2017 Blog

I visited Okinawa in Japan with my wife last year.

It is a photo which was taken by RICHO THETA. I also developed WordPress plugin to display 360 photos.


English Grammar Today

  • My company’s health insurance plan covers all my medical costs.
  • My company wants to remain fully independent.
  • The heart provides the body with a constant supply of blood.
  • I often read the newspaper to check how my stocks are performing.
  • The skier was given medical aid.
  • That’s a huge sandwich.
  • Our company is looking to employ several new employees.
  • We have the option to renew the contract at the end of the year.
  • America’s legal system is based on trial by a judge and jury.
  • He’s having trouble operating the washing machine.
  • Health insurance costs are rising.

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